Analytical Biotechnology

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Author: Thomas G.M. Schalkhammer
Publisher: Birkhäuser
ISBN: 3034881010
Size: 39.24 MB
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Analytical Biotechnology by Thomas G.M. Schalkhammer

Original Title: Analytical Biotechnology

Modern analytical biotechnology is focused on the use of a set of enabling platform technologies that provide contemporary, state-of-the-art tools for genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, drug discovery, screening, and analysis of natural product molecules. Thus, analytical biotechnology covers all areas of bioanalysis from biochips and nano-chemistry to biology and high throughput screening. Moreover, it aims to apply advanced automation and micro fabrica tion technology to the development of robotic and fluidic devices as well as integrated systems. This book focuses on enhancement technology development by promoting cross-disciplinary approaches directed toward solving key problems in biology and medicine. The scope thus brings under one umbrella many different techniques in allied areas. The purpose is to support and teach the fundamental principles and practical uses of major instrumental techniques. Major platforms are the use of immobilized molecules in biotechnology and bioanalysis, im munological techniques, immunological strip tests, fluorescence detection and confocal techniques, optical and electrochemical biosensors, biochips, micro dotting, novel transducers such as nano clusters, atomic force microscopy based techniques and analysis in complex media such as fermentation broth, plasma and serum. Techniques related to HPLC, capillary electrophoresis, gel electrophoresis, and mass spectrometry have not been included in this book but will be covered by further publications. Fundamentals in analytical biotechnology include basic and practical aspects of characterizing and analyzing DNA, proteins, and small metabolites.

Analytical Biotechnology

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Author: C. van Dijk
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0444599185
Size: 25.15 MB
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Analytical Biotechnology by C. van Dijk

Original Title: Analytical Biotechnology

ANABIOTEC '92 focused on the further integration of biotechnology and analytical chemistry. The results of this symposium clearly demonstrated that a substantial progress could be reported in the application of both conventional and new analytical techniques, the latter essentially based on natural analytical tools such as biomolecules. The main themes covered during this meeting are fermentation monitoring, chromatography, instrumental analysis, biosensors and bioanalysis.

Capillary Electrophoresis In Analytical Biotechnology

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Author: Pier Giorgio Righetti
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780849378256
Size: 50.17 MB
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Capillary Electrophoresis In Analytical Biotechnology by Pier Giorgio Righetti

Original Title: Capillary Electrophoresis In Analytical Biotechnology

This new book on capillary electrophoresis (CE) is unique in its focus on biotechnology. It is devoted to proteins, peptides, and techniques especially useful in the area of recombinant DNA products. Emphasis is also placed on glycoproteins. Because of the growing role of the glycosylation process in CE, a comprehensive chapter on the subject acts as a book within a book. Although this well-known researcher in biotechnology presents a number of chapters extensively discussing theories, important practical aspects in the routine use of capillary electrophoresis are also covered.

Biosensors In Analytical Biotechnology

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Author: Ruth Freitag
Publisher: R G Landes Company
ISBN: 9780122669903
Size: 58.52 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Biosensors In Analytical Biotechnology by Ruth Freitag

Original Title: Biosensors In Analytical Biotechnology

This book treat the subject of biosensors from a biotechnologist's viewpoint, including the application of biosensors for process monitoring in bioproduction. While some of the growing areas of biosensor development in general are touched upon, care is taken to provide the reader with information on how to actually interface the sensor bioprocess, how to automate the entire analytical procedure, and how to use computers for enhanced date evaluation. * * Key word search via icon, table of contents, conributor list or index * Commercially developed fuzzy software packages such as Earl Cox's fuzzy modelling system * Help file for on-line assistance while searching key texts

Analytical Techniques In Biotechnology

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Author: Suzy Hill
ISBN: 9781682862384
Size: 64.17 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Analytical Techniques In Biotechnology by Suzy Hill

Original Title: Analytical Techniques In Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a rapidly progressing field of science and technology. It integrates principles and applications from diverse fields such as genomics, immunology, and many more. This book strives to equip the reader with thorough knowledge about various techniques of applied biotechnology, its applications in the areas of medicine, agriculture, environment, etc., along with details about the latest equipment and analytical tools which would help the reader gain an in-depth perspective about the subject. This book elucidates new techniques and their applications in a multidisciplinary approach and is apt for students of biotechnology and associated disciplines of study.

Analytical Biotechnology

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Author: Séamus Higson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated
ISBN: 9780470723067
Size: 41.37 MB
Format: PDF
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Analytical Biotechnology by Séamus Higson

Original Title: Analytical Biotechnology

Analytical Biotechnology fills a niche by introducing each topic in simple terms that requires no previous knowledge and is structured to take the reader in a logical step-by-step approach from basic principles though to the current state of the art. Topics covered by the book include: the use of biological molecules as analytical reagents (including enzymes, antibodies, aptamers, and nucleic acids), chromatography and its use within analytical biotechnology, sensors and biosensors, immunochemistry and immunosensors, nucleic acids and their use within genomic, proteomic and metabolomic techniques, biotechnology as applied to forensic science and market economics of the analytical biotechnology sector. In order to reach out to the widest possible audience, this book will cover all of the most widely used bio-analytical techniques (such as ELISAs, lateral flow tests, surface plasmon resonance, PCR and other DNA techniques) – but will also give a provide a coverage to emerging techniques such as the development of labeless electrochemical antibody assays and the use of aptamers.

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