Report Of The Second Peru U S Workshop On Science And Technology In Economic Development El Bosque Peru November 20 24 1967

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Report Of The Second Peru U S Workshop On Science And Technology In Economic Development El Bosque Peru November 20 24 1967 by

Original Title: Report Of The Second Peru U S Workshop On Science And Technology In Economic Development El Bosque Peru November 20 24 1967

Marine Mammals

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Author: Peter G.H. Evans
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461505291
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Marine Mammals by Peter G.H. Evans

Original Title: Marine Mammals

Interest in marine mammals has increased dramatically in the last few decades, as evidenced by the number of books, scientific papers, and conferences devoted to these animals. Nowadays, a conference on marine mammals can attract between one and two thousand scientists from around the world. This upsurge of interest has resulted in a body of knowledge which, in many cases, has identified major conservation problems facing particular species. At the same time, this knowledge and the associated activities of environmental organisations have served to introduce marine mammals to a receptive public, to the extent that they are now perceived by many as the living icons of biodiversity conservation. Much of the impetus for the current interest in marine mammal conservation comes from "Save the Whale" campaigns started in the 1960s by environmental groups around the world, in response to declining whale populations after over-exploitation by humans. This public pressure led to an international moratorium on whaling recommended in 1972 by the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm, Sweden, and eventually adopted by the International Whaling Commission ten years later. This moratorium largely holds sway to this day, and further protective measures have included the delimitation of extensive areas of the Indian Ocean (1979) and Southern Ocean (1994) as whale sanctuaries.

Artes Pl Sticas

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Author: Fonte: Wikipedia
Publisher: Books LLC, Wiki Series
ISBN: 9781231504925
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Artes Pl Sticas by Fonte: Wikipedia

Original Title: Artes Pl Sticas

Fonte: Wikipedia. P ginas: 66. Cap tulos: Artes com papel, Artistas pl sticos, Cer mica, Escultura, Pintura, Denis Mandarino, Cer mica piezoel trica, Cer mica de revestimento, Marcus Baby, Grafite, Arte computacional, Cultura da cer mica cardial, Marajoaras, Arte de paisagens, Boneca de papel, M scara mortu ria, Olaria, Porcelana kraak, Sublime, Lia do Rio, Eric Adjetey Anang, Cer mica saramenha, Manuel Chong Neto, Rog rio Abreu, Anish Kapoor, Cloli, Mai lica, Gr s, Vanitas, Papel mach, Serafin Marsal, Resumo de pintura, Carimbo, Papel vegetal, Terracota, Conserva o e restauro de pintura, Arte cin tica, Cer mica da China, Terra sigillata, F brica de Cer mica Terceirense, Robert Jacobsen, Arte chinesa do papel, S rgio de Camargo, Cer mica grega, Antonio Liz rraga, Colagem, Predela, Destacamento, Speed painting, Americas' Courtyard, Academia Colarossi, Reciclagem da cer mica de revestimento, Lanterna de papel, Pintura hist rica, Papercraft, Bienal de Artes Pl sticas, Hard-edge, Hugh Syme, Javacheff Christo, Belas artes, Bal o de papel, Raku, Cer mica de engenharia, Azulejo hidr ulico, Filito, Sintetismo, Porcelanato, Josiah Wedgwood, Gretamento, Quilling, Cartolina, Cer mica vermelha, Atelier Cer mico, Roda de oleiro, Dobradura, Escultura de vulto, Escultura coreana, Cer mica do Jap o, Impasto, Textura, Monoqueima, Washi, Escultura rococ, Pol ptico, Cristo Redentor de El Encanto, Decalque, Escola de Cer mica de La Bisbal, Tagu, Modelo, George A. Wotherspoon, Quadro, Papel sulfite, Artista gr fico, Fundente feldsp tico. Excerto: O papel um afeltrado de fibras unidas tanto fisicamente (por estarem entrela adas a modo de malha) como quimicamente por liga es de hidrog nio. Fabrica o de papel feita pelos antigos chineses.Desde os tempos mais remotos e com a finalidade de representar objetos inanimados ou em movimento, o homem vem desenhando nas superf cies dos mais diferentes materiais. Nesta atividade, t o intimamente ligada ao racioc nio, utilizou, inicialme...

Breathless For You

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Author: Elizabeth Anthony
Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks
ISBN: 9781444768978
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Breathless For You by Elizabeth Anthony

Original Title: Breathless For You

Set in the 1920s, this passionate, provocative tale is perfect for fans of Downton Abbey and E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey. November 1921. Since arriving in London, Madeline, the young French ward of Ash, the new Duke of Belfield, has become the subject of lurid speculation, and when she's offered the chance to travel to Belfield Hall, Ash's country seat in Oxfordshire, Madeline is eager to seek refuge there. But Oxfordshire is not as quiet a retreat as she assumed, for soon she clashes with a handsome gamekeeper - Nathan Mallory - whose seduction techniques are astounding and addictive. Meanwhile, Madeline's secret nightmares of her own dark past in Paris continue to haunt her. At the same time Madeline realises that her guardian the Duke (whom she holds in the highest regard) has an impossible love too - for his Sophie, the former servant girl. It's in Madeline's power to reunite the two, but quite possibly at the cost of her own happiness - and her choices are made even more difficult by the secret machinations of powerful people who would do anything to keep Sophie and Ash apart . . .

Fashion Public Relations

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Author: Sar Perlman
Publisher: Fairchild Books
ISBN: 9781563677755
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Fashion Public Relations by Sar Perlman

Original Title: Fashion Public Relations

Fashion Public Relations delivers a practical approach to the world of public relations and image management, specifically related to the fashion industry. In-depth case studies feature prominent apparel and textile companies as well as outside public relations firms that serve them. Concentrating on the pragmatic aspects of public relations and the fundamentals of fashion public relations, the authors place principles and concepts in a real-world context that students will actually face in the business world. This textbook equips students with the essential approaches and techniques necessary for a successful career in fashion public relations. Instructors, contact your Sales Representative for access to Instructor's Materials.

Disciples Of All Nations

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Author: Lamin O. Sanneh
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198040842
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Disciples Of All Nations by Lamin O. Sanneh

Original Title: Disciples Of All Nations

Long the dominant religion of the West, Christianity is now rapidly becoming the principal faith in much of the postcolonial world--a development that marks a momentous shift in the religion's very center of gravity. In this eye-opening book, Lamin Sanneh examines the roots of this "post-Western awakening" and the unparalleled richness and diversity, as well as the tension and conflict, it has brought to World Christianity. Tracing Christianity's rise from its birth on the edge of the Roman empire--when it proclaimed itself to be a religion for the entire world, not just for one people, one time, and one place--to its key role in Europe's maritime and colonial expansion, Sanneh sheds new light on the ways in which post-Western societies in Africa, Asia, and Latin America were drawn into the Christian orbit. Ultimately, he shows, these societies outgrew Christianity's colonial forms and restructured it through their own languages and idioms--a process that often occurred outside, and sometimes against, the lines of denominational control. The effect of such changes, Sanneh contends, has been profound, transforming not only worship, prayer, and the interpretation of Scripture, but also art, aesthetics, and music associated with the church. In exploring this story of Christianity's global expansion and its current resurgence in the non-Western world, Sanneh pays close attention to such issues as the faith's encounters with Islam and indigenous religions, as well as with secular ideologies such as Marxism and nationalism. He also considers the challenges that conservative, non-Western forms of Christianity pose to Western liberal values and Enlightenment ideas. Here then is a groundbreaking study of Christianity's role in cultural innovation and historical change--and must reading for all who are concerned with the present and future of the faith.

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