Tica Do Discurso

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Author: Marina Velasco
Publisher: Mauad Editora Ltda
ISBN: 8574784443
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Tica Do Discurso by Marina Velasco

Original Title: Tica Do Discurso

Em sua obra, Marina expõe o debate sobre a possibilidade de fundar uma ética baseada nos pressupostos da comunicação – ou ética discursiva. Percorre criticamente as posições dos principais protagonistas desta discussão, Karl-Otto Apel e Jügen Harbermas, além de avaliar o alcance das concordâncias e das diferenças entre eles. O livro esmiuça em uma abordagem ampla e profunda questões centrais na filosofia contemporânea, fazendo uma mesclagem entre a filosofia da linguagem, a teoria do significado e a filosofia da ação.

Qu Es La Justicia

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Author: Marina Velasco
Publisher: EUDEBA
ISBN: 9502318927
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Qu Es La Justicia by Marina Velasco

Original Title: Qu Es La Justicia

Desde un punto de vista filosófico, pero sumamente accesible para cualquier lector, esta reconocida investigadora de la Filosofía del Derecho expone y analiza las distintas perspectivas que entran en juego cada vez que se evalúa un hecho o una acción para considerar si es justo o injusto. Como aplicación práctica de los conceptos, analiza un tema de controversia mundial: los cupos laborales o de representación política asignados por género o condiciones étnicas.

Tiger Milk

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Author: Stefanie De Velasco
ISBN: 9781781857441
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Tiger Milk by Stefanie De Velasco

Original Title: Tiger Milk

We need to practise for later on, for real life. We need to know everything so nobody can ever mess with us.' Nini and Jameelah are best friends forever. This summer they're going to grow up. Together. On their terms. But things don't always turn out the way you plan... Tender, funny, shocking and tragic, TIGER MILK captures what it is to be young.

The Practice Of Research On Migration And Mobilities

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Author: Liliana Rivera-Sánchez
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3319026933
Size: 36.90 MB
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The Practice Of Research On Migration And Mobilities by Liliana Rivera-Sánchez

Original Title: The Practice Of Research On Migration And Mobilities

The migration process is interpreted in a different way when researchers live in so-called societies of origin, than when it is interpreted from societies of destination—even when research work is multi-situated. The localization of researchers in this field involves numerous factors that influence the modalities for conducting research. Research agendas are clearly mediated by these localizations and this book on the contemporary social sciences points out those mediations, breaking with the dichotomous readings that are implicit in this migration process (origin-destination, north-south, and cause-effect, to mention just a few). In the individual chapters, priority is given to presenting the modalities through which research is conducted in multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary teams on the American Continent. In summary, the focus of this book is on the narrative of methodological experience of the Practice of Research on Migration and Mobilities.

Animism In Rainforest And Tundra

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Author: Marc Brightman
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 0857454684
Size: 22.22 MB
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Animism In Rainforest And Tundra by Marc Brightman

Original Title: Animism In Rainforest And Tundra

Amazonia and Siberia, classic regions of shamanism, have long challenged 'western' understandings of man's place in the world. By exploring the social relations between humans and non-human entities credited with human-like personhood (not only animals and plants, but also 'things' such as artifacts, trade items, or mineral resources) from a comparative perspective, this volume offers valuable insights into the constitutions of humanity and personhood characteristic of the two areas. The contributors conducted their ethnographic fieldwork among peoples undergoing transformative processes of their lived environments, such as the depletion of natural resources and migration to urban centers. They describe here fundamental relational modes that are being tested in the face of change, presenting groundbreaking research on personhood and agency in shamanic societies and contributing to our global understanding of social and cultural change and continuity.

Books In Print

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